Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teaching and National Transformation

The ultimate result of teaching in a formal institution, whether it is in the basic education, tertiary or graduate level, have national consequences. That is the main reason education is controlled or at least supervised by the national government. This blog is dedicated to the following objectives:

1. Investigate teaching as a "process" done in a formal or classroom setting;
2. Suggest ways to improve this teaching process; and,
3. Present theories and methodologies of teaching among teachers.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Quality control is an industry function that primary looks at the output of the product. Before the output of the product, there is the input needed to create a product and then the process. Once the output is not satisfactory, the product output is either reworked, if minor mistakes can still be remedied, or rejected, if mistakes cannot be remedied. The input, the process, and the output are considered fixed. There is a rule of uniformity and similarity; any deviation is not acceptable.

Quality assurance is a social service function that primary looks at the process of doing things. If the product is not satisfactory, the ones checked, investigated and given remediation is the process. Quality assurance is fitted for human beings and social services, especially in the field of education. There is here the respect for the product which are measured both in quantity and in quality.

Among schools, there are two ways to do quality assurance. The first is the external quality assurance done by different accrediting agencies. The second is the internal quality assurance done by the educational institution itself. The external quality assurance is needed for national or regional certifications and standing within its own community. The internal quality assurance is needed for it makes quality as a lifestyle of the school ad not just to comply with external standards. In doing internal quality assurance, the educational institution is prepared for external quality assurance and for continuous growth. Many institutions can only handle a certain level of growth and expansion because of the lack of "internal quality assurance".

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